TM BRIZOLL cast iron cookware can be used on induction, halogen, electric and gas stoves and ovens, braziers,  bonfire, barbecues and grills.

☑️ Choose a heat source that matches the dimensions of the base of your cast iron cookware.
☑️ If you are using an induction cooktop, preheat the cast iron cookware at a low temperature for about 5 minutes. Then you can increase the temperature to the desired temperature.
☑️ You can also put your cast iron cookware in the oven * (except for models with wooden handles and glass lids).
* Maximum temperature 260 ° C / 500 ° F

☑️ Slowly heat cast iron products. Do not heat them when they are empty.
☑️ Always add a drop of vegetable oil to prevent overheating.
☑️ For the grill, use the same method as above: preheat the cookware at a low temperature for 5 minutes and then apply oil to the grill ribs or foods before grilling.
☑️ Heavy cast iron cookware models have extra handles and lugs so that the cookware can be lifted with two hands. This way, you will not drop it and you can move it safely.

❗️ The handles of cast-iron cookware (especially the cast-iron lid and handles) can be very hot!
❗️ Always use thermally insulating protective equipment (e.g. oven gloves, silicone or cloth gloves, etc.) to avoid burns.
❗️ Do not place the wooden handle of a pan over an open flame. Doing so can cause it to burn.
❗️ Do not place cookware on unprotected surfaces while it is still hot. We recommend using dish racks or oven mitts.
❗️ Do not place hot cookware on plastic, as this could cause the plastic to melt.
❗️ Cast iron cookware must not be used in the microwave oven.
❗️ For induction hobs, glass ceramic hobs, or any other fragile surface, make sure to lift and not move the cast iron cookware so as not to damage the cooking surface.