BELOTSERKOVLIT LLC was founded in 2016. The company is specialized in the production of cast iron cookware of the TM "BRIZOLL". We are passionate not just about the idea of creating cast iron cookware, but also about the revival of a whole culture of using cast iron cookware, both in the professional kitchen and at every home. Why do we deal with cast iron? Firstly, cast iron is practical and available. We have already forgotten about the annoying process of changing the pan every 2-3 years because of damaging the synthetic non-stick coating. We love what we do. A closed-loop production cycle allows us to control each stage, and to be sure of the product`s quality from the idea to the final stage when the pan falls into your hands. You get not just a cast-iron skillet, but a reliable assistant in daily culinary achievements, which is made of ecological material in accordance with quality standards. We are proud of our achievments. We are developing rapidly and keep on conquering the local and international markets. For several years, we have managed to establish export of cast iron cookware of the TM “Brizoll” to European countries. Every day we work on expanding the range, improving processes, reducing the distance between the consumer and our product. Moreover we take care of its availability to everyone.