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Cast iron pan WOK

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WOK pans are a Chinese invention that has become the most popular in all Asian countries. It is due to the special shape of the hemisphere, which allows to cook food rapidly. This form is common in every-day life of the Chinese. In our country, porridge or soup was sent to the heated oven, so that later we could have lunch or dinner with the whole family. On the other hand, in China, there was very little wood, the fire was lit only for a short time. So it was necessary to cook quickly, and the WOK pan perfectly suited such conditions.

Nowadays such dishes are adapted and have a small flat bottom, which allows you to cook not only over an open fire, but also at home on all types of hobs.
Cast iron WOK is chosen for cooking meat, vegetables, noodles, when fast frying is required. In this way the products perfectly retain their color, aroma and structure. It is better to cook in small portions so that the products are fried, not stewed.

Such cookware is suitable for professional chefs, cooking over an open fire, as well as for use in the home kitchen.