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Cast iron Sadge

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SADGE - is a frying pan, came from the South-East. It has a rounded shape with convex bottom. The main feature of the ware is having a dual purpose. By placing the pan down on the hearth, its unique design, shape and versatility allows you to cook a lot of food at once: meat dishes, fish or fried vegetables. And if you turn the same pan "upside down", you'll be able to cook bread, such as pita.

Cast iron frying pan SADGE TM BRIZOLL will help you achieve that crispy crust on potatoes, well-fry sausages and let you enjoy a tasty and juicy piece of meat. Getting appropriate temperature on open fire with non-stick properties of cast iron will provide your dishes with quality roasting, while keeping their juiciness and taste.

If you want to see you family and friends delighted, then SADGE by TM BRIZOLL is the most successful option today in managing original and real outdoor activities or usual picnics.