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About us

The company is engaged in the production of cast iron cookware TM "BRIZOLL".
      We are passionate not just about the idea of making cast iron cookware, but about reviving a whole culture of using cast iron cookware, both in the professional kitchen and in every home.

      Why are we all doing this? Because cast iron is, first and foremost, about practicality and affordability. We've already forgotten about the annoying process of replacing every 2-3 years a skillet that has a damaged synthetic non-stick coating.
      We love what we do. A closed cycle of production allows us to control every stage, and be confident in the product from the idea to the final stage when the frying pan falls into your hands. You don't just get a cast-iron frying pan, you get a reliable helper in your daily culinary endeavors that are made from eco-friendly material with quality standards.

      The results speak for themselves, we are rapidly developing and constantly conquering the domestic market. In a few years, we have managed to export our products to European countries as well.
      Every day we are working to expand our range, improve our processes, reduce the distance between the consumer and our product, while at the same time taking care to make it accessible to everyone.