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Cast iron cauldron

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Camping alone, with family or friends is an opportunity to recharge, gain strength after a hard week at work and just have a good time. And to make such a vacation even more pleasant, you need to prepare delicious food. This is where our cast-iron cauldron comes in handy, which is multifunctional. In a cauldron, it is convenient to prepare food for a large company, and the food comes out to be tasty and with a rich aroma.

   What is cooked in a cast-iron cauldron

Buy a cast-iron cauldron is for those who loves Eastern and Central Asian cuisine. It is convenient to cook Uzbek pilaf, Central Asian soups, hodgepodge, kharcho soup, pork ribs in a cauldron. But also cast iron cauldrons are used for other dishes: stews, roasts, fish soup, field soup.

The cast iron cauldron is even suitable for stewing stuffed peppers and cooking adjika. It is only important to choose the right cauldron.

   How to choose a cauldron

In order for the cauldron to serve for a long time and not lose its properties, and the dishes turned out to be hearty and rich, you should pay attention to the nuances when buying:

  1. Material of a product. Buy an aluminum or cast iron cauldron - you ask. We produce cauldrons from cast iron, so we can guarantee that products from this material have their own advantages. In cast iron products, heat is distributed evenly over the surface of the cauldron and is retained for a long time. Although aluminum cauldrons heat up faster, they cool down just as quickly. In addition, aluminum cookware is more susceptible to mechanical damage. Do not forget about the strength of cast iron products - it is almost impossible to break or significantly damage them. Cast iron cauldrons will last for decades if properly cared for. Another advantage of cast iron is that dishes in such cauldrons are made with a special taste. It is believed that the more the cauldron is, the tastier the food is. This is due to the fact that with each cooking, a thin film appears on the walls of the cauldron, when the pores of the cast iron are filled with fat.
  2. Manufacturer. Before buying a cast-iron cauldron, you need to understand that the product should serve you for decades. Therefore, pay attention to the manufacturer. Cast iron cauldrons Brizoll do not contain harmful impurities that get into food during cooking. Porridge and fish soup are rich and fragrant in our cauldrons.
  3. The size of the cauldron. Considering the purpose for which a cast-iron cauldron is bought, it is necessary to choose the size of the product.

   Cast iron cauldrons Brizoll

Having entered the section with cast-iron cauldrons, you probably noticed that we have tourist cast-iron cauldrons and Asian ones.

Tourists are created for a pleasant pastime in nature. The cauldrons heat up evenly and keep the temperature for a long time. Dishes in such a cauldron are comfortable to cook without sticking. The peculiarity of such tourist cauldrons is a flat lid. You can buy a cast-iron cauldron for a fire, and pour hot coals on top of the lid to get the effect of cooking, like in an oven. Depending on the number of guests, choose a cast-iron cauldron for 6 liters or 8 liters.

Asian cast-iron cauldrons are suitable for cooking oriental dishes over an open fire. It turns out delicious pilaf or Central Asian soup in a rounded cauldron. To prepare meals for a small company, a cauldron of 4 or 8 liters will be enough. Cast iron cauldron for 12 liters or 15 liters allows you to feed a large number of guests. In the catalog of our store you will find not only Asian cauldrons with a regular lid, but also a frying pan lid. This allows you to cook two dishes at once on an open fire. While yushka or pilaf is being cooked in a cauldron, you can cook vegetables in a pan. A grill pan lid allows you to fry fish and steaks.