• Safe and environmentally friendly cookware

  • Natural organic coating

  • Enriches food with iron ions

  • High wear resistance & long life

  • Compatible with different types of hobs

We produce - frying pans (skillets), grill frying pans, portion cookware for HoReCa, cauldrons (Asian, tourists), WOKs, etc.


We are looking for partners around the world who want to sell high-quality cast-iron cookware.
What are we offer?
  • A young, high-quality brand - cast iron cookware TM BRIZOLL
  • A popular product, the demand for which is growing from year to year
  • An assortment that does not have competition on the market
  • Excellent commercial conditions
  • Short production time
  • Logistics
If You interested in cooperation, please contact - us

To call - ​+38 096 961 53 17

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To e-mail: info@brizoll.com