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A cast-iron skillet of a popular diameter is suitable for frying and stewing various dishes for the whole family, It has an ergonomic wooden handle (made of alder), which comfortably fits your hand and does not heat up, A frying pan is without additional non-stick coating, which is destroyed eventually, On the other hand, it has natural non-stick properties that become better the longer you usei it,

The pluses of cast iron cookware can be listed endlessly, but what really deserves special attention is the taste of dishes cooked in such cookware, It is unique! Due to the equable heating of the entire surface of the pan, the cooking effect is like in the oven,

The pan comes with a glass lid,

Before the first use of cast-iron cookware, you must clean it out of technical oil, which protects the cookware from moisture and further rusting,

Careful usage of cast-iron cookware guarantees you a long period of exploitation,

Diameter, mm  260
Weight, kg  2.19
Wall thickness, mm  3.5
Height, mm  40
Bottom thickness, mm  4.5
Equipment  with a glass cover
Weight, g  2190
Тип  Сковородки традиционные
Серия  Optima Black
Материал  Чугун
Крышка  Есть
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Cast iron pan with a lid Optima-Black 260 х 40 mm

SKU O2640-P1-C
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